If you have apache server on linux and want to be able to activate front page extensions for virtual hosts but do not want to install mod_frontpage, than you can download this file


extract it to /usr/local with
tar -xzf frontpage.tar.gz -C /usr/local

and than you can install front page extensions like (on a single line):

/usr/local/frontpage/install /www/titov.net www.titov.net somemail@titov.net 2000 titovadmin titovpass

“/www/titov.net” is DocumentRoot of the virtual host
“www.titov.net” is ServerName of the virtual host
“somemail@titov.net” is the ServerAdmin
“2000″ is the uid (user id) of the user in the filesystem (e.g. id of the ftp user of this host from /etc/passwd) all installed files will be chown-ed to 2000:2000, so you shoud have group with the same id/name, you should be able to easyly modify this script to take username as parameter
“titovadmin” and “titovpass” are username and password that you should use for publishing from frontpage

/usr/local/frontpage/uninstall /www/titov.net www.titov.net

will uninstall the frontpage extensions from this virtualhost.

You should have Options +ExecCGI in the virtualhost and most probably you will want to have suexec.